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“The most obvious result that I noticed [from our first meeting] was the individual and group focus that resulted.  Rather than ending with a fragmented feeling, it seemed to me that we were all heading in the same direction.  That’s huge!”
~Gay Hovey, Get Fit Now Montana

Check out this recent video interview: Robert with Jason Valenti of Shift Happening.

What percent of your people are into Farmville or Fantasy Football or other interactive online game?

What if your people’s natural affinity for play could be directed toward coming up with better ideas for your projects? What if they found a game which is big enough to include everyone who has a stake in the outcome and at the same time is more interesting than anything else they might do in their down time?
What if playing a game could birth new ways of thinking about how you approach problems? —and not cause a shock to your system while you learn it?
Business owners and managers report that playing a Segue not only helps produce better solutions, but improves communication and relationships across the board.

Who can play a Segue?

Almost anyone can learn the Segue, a game which

  1. solves big problems
  2. improves communication
  3. inspires cooperative action
Any group of two or more people with something important to accomplish—from children to international leaders—can use a Segue to accomplish it better, with everyone playing a crucial role toward its success.
If you are interested in finding out if the Segue might bring more clarity and coherence to your organization, contact us for a free demonstration at your location.
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Segue Maestro Support

Welcome to all who want to become proficient at playing a non-competitive game of collective intelligence and strategy.

Like any game worth playing, it engages your imagination gets better as you develop skill and facility.  Plus, you can learn how to play it in many different settings, abbreviate it and play online.  This training is free to families and community organizations. This section is where you will find training videos and Q & A from Segue Maestros in the field.  We intend this to be a collaborative learning experience.

What are the rules and how is it played?

The set up and rules are about as simple as volleyball and about as easy to learn.  You will need to download the Segue Maestro Workbook (which provides an overview and explanation of the basic game structure and how to play) and the Segue one page summary (which you will need to pass around your circle).  When you print or distribute these free materials, we request that you include our ©Segue Games 2011 and the url.

Who can play?

Anyone with something important to accomplish.
Post below the situation and the questions your group is tossing around and add to everyone’s learning.

Play ball!

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The Extended Bozeman Community Vision Building Segue

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” –Proverbs 29:18

Segue Game Nights teach community members how to play a Segue so they can take it into their families and community organizations to create better communications and run more effective meetings and address bigger issues.  The topic for the training game is the quality of life in our community, the future of which affects us all.
For any project, like the project of creating a more wonderful community, we always begin with a vision of where we are headed.  In a Segue Game, we build the vision one piece at a time, much like a mosaic which is made up of many individual tiles ultimately forms a big picture.  Therefore, the question of the first Segue Game is “What is one thing that would make our community more wonderful for you?”
Below is the summary of responses given during the Segue Game Nights.  We will watch for the patterns of the bigger vision to emerge as more responses are added.
SGN #1, 25 Jan, 2011, SGN #2 Feb. 22, 2011
  • More opportunities for personal connection, including inter-generational interactions, mentoring, continuing education
  • Educational environments that bring out the highest potential of our young people and which meet their true needs
  • Extensive programs for involving young people in the growth and improvement of the community
  • Programs for our young people to learn their purpose in life and develop their personal visions to live from
  • More mental illness/health/options/support
  • Improved public transportation
  • Evening courses on the environment and sustainable practices
  • Neighborhood community centers with lots of activities to draw people in
    • More public art and culture year round, space “canvas,” performance center, facilities for dancing.
    • Spontaneous music
    • Lots of art display space
    • Art classes with recycled stuff
    • Opportunities for singles to meet
    • Networking
    • Babysitting
    • More spaces for year-round gatherings which are warm and within walking distance for everyone
    • Develop programs and a reputation for our community to be known as a community of purpose and vision
    • Cultural diversity
      • Honoring the presence of Native American Indians in our community
    • Environmental/ecological living
      • Recycling–curbside, recycle everything
      • More bike trails
      • Closer connection with local food producers
      • Collaborative ownership of resources like lawn mowers and snow blowers

    Please subscribe and add to the vision in the comments space below.

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      The Segue Game for Families and Couples

      Planning a night on the town.

      A couple who had learned the game at work were driving the hour or so to Seattle for a date.  She turned to him and said, “So, Matt, what is one thing that would make this evening wonderful for you?”
      Realizing that Veronica wanted to play, he responded, “To dance to some live music.”
      V, “How is that important to you personally?”
      M, “I love letting it all go and grooving with real musicians.”
      V, “And how might that be important to us?”
      M, “Dancing together makes all forms of intimacy easier.”
      V, “Thank you.”
      M, “Veronica, what is one thing that would make this evening wonderful for you?”
      V, “To find a great Greek restaurant.”
      M, “How is that important to you personally?”
      V, “I love the taste of Greek food and the music they always play.”
      M, “How might that be important to us?”
      V, “We both need to catch up on our baklava intake.”
      M, “Thank you.”
      Veronica and Matt played the game, going back and forth for about twenty minutes, committing to nothing and filling the space with outrageous possibilities.  (Among other things, they ended up eating Indian, watching a French flick and exploring their desires of living in a world that made more sense while they watched the Vashon ferry.)
      Connecting produces personal fulfillment. The Segue allowed Veronica and Matt to shift the attention of the evening from finding the right activities to finding ways to engage each other in exploratory conversation during whatever else they were doing.
      The above game is an example of a vision-building Segue.  The project was their date; and every project needs to begin with developing a compelling vision, whether the project is a night on the town or building a day care center.

      Planning a Family Vacation

      Imagine the excitement of a family of four planning for a two-week vacation on Maui! Mom, Dad, Bud (13) and Sis (16). What could be more fun? Really?
      What could be more stressful is more like it. Each member of the family has different needs and expectations and different agendas for what will happen once on the Island of Aloha.
      Here’s the setting for a vacation from hell. The condo is not within walking distance to anything of interest. The golf course (Dad’s agenda) is far from Lahaina (Mom’s shopping agenda), is far from the sandy beach (Sis’s agenda) and is far from snorkeling (Bud’s agenda). But no one realizes this until they reach the condo and begin preparing for their first afternoon in paradise. Anticipation turns to anxiety and protection replaces generosity as each person prepares to fight for his and her expected outcome.
      An alternative vacation planning strategy is to spend perhaps half an hour with the family conducting a Segue around the three questions,
      1. What is one thing that would make this vacation wonderful for you?
      2. What would that do for you personally?
      3. What would that do for us?
      This would let everyone know what each others’ desires were and eliminate surprises and power struggles. Everyone wants everyone to have a good time. Strategies can evolve as conditions (weather, car rental options, unexpected expenses, etc.) change. Yes, teenagers can align on and support their parents’ needs being met!
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      Community as a source of personal fulfillment

      “Do not depend on the hope of results … In the end,
      it is the reality of personal relationship that saves everything.”
      —Thomas Merton

      In Community–the Structure of Belonging, Peter Block argues the loss of the sense of community leads to personal and family breakdown and the evaporating of personal fulfillment.

      Adding the knowledge and skills of the Segue to organizations within the community provides access to their collective intelligence, imagination and wisdom.  These interactive skills strengthen a community’s bonds of coherence.

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      Welcome to the Official Site of Segue Games~play that works.

      If you are a CEO, executive, DO, HR or project team leader and need your organization to function and respond to the new marketplace at an entirely new level, then playing this game will help your people do that.

      Everyone loves games. Playing games comes naturally.  The Segue is a game in which the stakes are real and interestingly high–the future of your business or community organization.

      In response to a global need for new thinking in every area of life, the Segue Game has been developed as a vehicle to help small and large groups of people move forward in creating their futures.  Playing this social game creates a structure for productive group action.

      In addition, playing a Segue connects people and opens the human channels of communication and puts people more at ease with others on the team. 

      The Segue Game is an exercise for developing collaboration and for tapping into a group’s creative imagination. It is an activity in which everyone plays a crucial role in producing a collective outcome.

      The subject of a Segue is always a topic of current importance to the group, even when they are first learning. This way, everyone sees immediately how effective the game is at producing quality results.

      The skills for conducting a Segue are easy to learn as for playing volley ball. Proficiency in playing the game develops with practice and the results likewise rise.  Since our intention is that the game spread globally, our emphasis is on developing trainers to train others.

      If you are interested and want more information, do this. The most efficient way for you to experience a Segue is with a demonstration at your place of business or by attending one of the Segue Game Nights in your area.  (See Upcoming Events)

      Also, you can read the article, “Your Biggest Problem and Your Greatest Strength,” or watch this 4-minute introduction to the Segue Game.  (Click)

      Here are some things you can look for in upcoming posts:

      • The announcement of local Segue Game Nights for you to learn how to play the game and how to apply it to your own projects.
      • We will offer Segue Maestro Training for you to learn this powerful tool for co-creating the future of our organization.  The Segue Maestro program includes, online and in person, everything you need to know about questions, playing and conducting a Segue, videos, articles, teleclasses and workshops.
      • You will be connected with other Maestros who are co-developing the new fields of question driven collective imagination, intelligence and wisdom.
      • Finally, we will announce a Meta Game we are putting together, for those of you who like playing a really big game.

      First things first:  What is the question?

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      Segue Business Consulting

      How to Learn Quickly When the Stakes Are High

      Our consulting practice includes training business organizations which need to come up to speed quickly and to shorten the learning curve.  Our goal is always to provide our client with improved skills and better tools.

      Who do we work with?

      Performing in today’s business environment requires more thought power than ever.  The problem facing our clients is how to increase the thinking power of their existing organization.  We work with executives, managers and other leaders who rely on the intelligence and creative thinking of their teams to solve complex problems.
      Our clients are accountable for internal or external customer satisfaction as well as cost and schedule performance for their area of responsibility.

      Problem scenarios:

      When this thinking power is missing, your organization is likely to experience some of these familiar barriers to success:

      Breakdowns in collaboration:

      Despite your best efforts to improve how meetings are run and organized, everyone is still not energized or on the same page. Instead, efforts are fragmented and people seem to be out of sync with the larger vision.

      Vanishing commitment:

      Competition requires a ramp up in the delivery of products and services; but when the time comes to meet demand, the response falls short. People have ceased caring about work or have become outright cynical. Their performance may be acceptable, but they narrowly define their job and do not innovate or take initiative. Trust between levels in the organization has weakened.

      Resistance to change:

      There is uncertainty about the organization’s ability to meet the demands of changing conditions. Course corrections need to be made, but people do not know how to respond appropriately or are unwilling to take initiative.

      Disconnects regarding what is important:

      Customers experience a gap between sales promises and what is delivered. Disconnects in the organization or supply chain which result in inconsistent product deliveries and quality also lead to unhealthy conflicts for resources.

      Absent accountability:

      When performance problems occur, product groups, departments and project teams look first for someone else to blame rather than look for how they can help solve the problem.

      Ever present silos:

      People and groups can’t or won’t talk to each other.

      In our experience, these problems are solvable.

      Clients who are dealing with these kinds of issues will be successful working with us if they are striving for excellence and continuous improvement. They endeavor to adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
      If you trying to succeed by taking compromising shortcuts, we are not for you. If you want to play the business game at the highest level, we would like to help you succeed.

      What is unique about our approach?

      The focus at Segue Games is teaching people how to think together.  We work from the hypothesis that thinking is a question-response process which is learnable and works for both individuals and teams.
      We take a systems approach to workgroup performance, an approach which we call Question Driven Projects™ (QDP).  Although the principles of QDP are universal, every business situation is unique and we customize the programs to best meet the requirements of our clients.

      Training Outcomes

      Inefficient, wasteful meetings disappear because teams have a systematic approach to solving problems, a way that relies on the creative intelligence of everyone involved.
      Individuals contribute to the development of a vibrant, meaningful picture of where they are headed on every project.  Working from shared vision and values empowers individuals to initiate improvements in their area of responsibility and to take ownership in the overall success of the company.
      Ineffective use of time and resources diminishes because people see that everything about the company affects them and their actions affect everyone else.
      They adopt a style of communicating that honors the input of all the people connected to the project.
      People are able to think bigger about what they are working on.  They experience that they are more intelligent and more important to the company than before.
      The team has acquired a new set of simple, sophisticated tools which transform the way they interact—at the atomic, one-on-one, level. They have more trust of their teammates, communication flows more easily and  counterproductive behaviors like power struggles and unhealthy competition are reduced.
      Using the Segue produces lasting change because people learn a mode of conducting themselves which produces greater satisfaction across the board.
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      Free Segue Training: the Segue Maestro Program

      Our intention at Segue Games is that people learn to play the game and pass it onto others–locally and globally. To support the easy sharing of the skills, we are making available a sequential skill-building process.  We call it  the Segue Maestro Program, a free course of video and written training material.  Blog space will be made available for Segue Maestros to share their results, questions and wins.
      Contact us to enroll.
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