Segue Business Consulting

How to Learn Quickly When the Stakes Are High

Our consulting practice includes training business organizations which need to come up to speed quickly and to shorten the learning curve.  Our goal is always to provide our client with improved skills and better tools.

Who do we work with?

Performing in today’s business environment requires more thought power than ever.  The problem facing our clients is how to increase the thinking power of their existing organization.  We work with executives, managers and other leaders who rely on the intelligence and creative thinking of their teams to solve complex problems.
Our clients are accountable for internal or external customer satisfaction as well as cost and schedule performance for their area of responsibility.

Problem scenarios:

When this thinking power is missing, your organization is likely to experience some of these familiar barriers to success:

Breakdowns in collaboration:

Despite your best efforts to improve how meetings are run and organized, everyone is still not energized or on the same page. Instead, efforts are fragmented and people seem to be out of sync with the larger vision.

Vanishing commitment:

Competition requires a ramp up in the delivery of products and services; but when the time comes to meet demand, the response falls short. People have ceased caring about work or have become outright cynical. Their performance may be acceptable, but they narrowly define their job and do not innovate or take initiative. Trust between levels in the organization has weakened.

Resistance to change:

There is uncertainty about the organization’s ability to meet the demands of changing conditions. Course corrections need to be made, but people do not know how to respond appropriately or are unwilling to take initiative.

Disconnects regarding what is important:

Customers experience a gap between sales promises and what is delivered. Disconnects in the organization or supply chain which result in inconsistent product deliveries and quality also lead to unhealthy conflicts for resources.

Absent accountability:

When performance problems occur, product groups, departments and project teams look first for someone else to blame rather than look for how they can help solve the problem.

Ever present silos:

People and groups can’t or won’t talk to each other.

In our experience, these problems are solvable.

Clients who are dealing with these kinds of issues will be successful working with us if they are striving for excellence and continuous improvement. They endeavor to adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
If you trying to succeed by taking compromising shortcuts, we are not for you. If you want to play the business game at the highest level, we would like to help you succeed.

What is unique about our approach?

The focus at Segue Games is teaching people how to think together.  We work from the hypothesis that thinking is a question-response process which is learnable and works for both individuals and teams.
We take a systems approach to workgroup performance, an approach which we call Question Driven Projects™ (QDP).  Although the principles of QDP are universal, every business situation is unique and we customize the programs to best meet the requirements of our clients.

Training Outcomes

Inefficient, wasteful meetings disappear because teams have a systematic approach to solving problems, a way that relies on the creative intelligence of everyone involved.
Individuals contribute to the development of a vibrant, meaningful picture of where they are headed on every project.  Working from shared vision and values empowers individuals to initiate improvements in their area of responsibility and to take ownership in the overall success of the company.
Ineffective use of time and resources diminishes because people see that everything about the company affects them and their actions affect everyone else.
They adopt a style of communicating that honors the input of all the people connected to the project.
People are able to think bigger about what they are working on.  They experience that they are more intelligent and more important to the company than before.
The team has acquired a new set of simple, sophisticated tools which transform the way they interact—at the atomic, one-on-one, level. They have more trust of their teammates, communication flows more easily and  counterproductive behaviors like power struggles and unhealthy competition are reduced.
Using the Segue produces lasting change because people learn a mode of conducting themselves which produces greater satisfaction across the board.
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