Play that works

“The most obvious result that I noticed [from our first meeting] was the individual and group focus that resulted.  Rather than ending with a fragmented feeling, it seemed to me that we were all heading in the same direction.  That’s huge!”
~Gay Hovey, Get Fit Now Montana

Check out this recent video interview: Robert with Jason Valenti of Shift Happening.

What percent of your people are into Farmville or Fantasy Football or other interactive online game?

What if your people’s natural affinity for play could be directed toward coming up with better ideas for your projects? What if they found a game which is big enough to include everyone who has a stake in the outcome and at the same time is more interesting than anything else they might do in their down time?
What if playing a game could birth new ways of thinking about how you approach problems? —and not cause a shock to your system while you learn it?
Business owners and managers report that playing a Segue not only helps produce better solutions, but improves communication and relationships across the board.

Who can play a Segue?

Almost anyone can learn the Segue, a game which

  1. solves big problems
  2. improves communication
  3. inspires cooperative action
Any group of two or more people with something important to accomplish—from children to international leaders—can use a Segue to accomplish it better, with everyone playing a crucial role toward its success.
If you are interested in finding out if the Segue might bring more clarity and coherence to your organization, contact us for a free demonstration at your location.
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