Welcome to the Official Site of Segue Games~play that works.

If you are a CEO, executive, DO, HR or project team leader and need your organization to function and respond to the new marketplace at an entirely new level, then playing this game will help your people do that.

Everyone loves games. Playing games comes naturally.  The Segue is a game in which the stakes are real and interestingly high–the future of your business or community organization.

In response to a global need for new thinking in every area of life, the Segue Game has been developed as a vehicle to help small and large groups of people move forward in creating their futures.  Playing this social game creates a structure for productive group action.

In addition, playing a Segue connects people and opens the human channels of communication and puts people more at ease with others on the team. 

The Segue Game is an exercise for developing collaboration and for tapping into a group’s creative imagination. It is an activity in which everyone plays a crucial role in producing a collective outcome.

The subject of a Segue is always a topic of current importance to the group, even when they are first learning. This way, everyone sees immediately how effective the game is at producing quality results.

The skills for conducting a Segue are easy to learn as for playing volley ball. Proficiency in playing the game develops with practice and the results likewise rise.  Since our intention is that the game spread globally, our emphasis is on developing trainers to train others.

If you are interested and want more information, do this. The most efficient way for you to experience a Segue is with a demonstration at your place of business or by attending one of the Segue Game Nights in your area.  (See Upcoming Events)

Also, you can read the article, “Your Biggest Problem and Your Greatest Strength,” or watch this 4-minute introduction to the Segue Game.  (Click)

Here are some things you can look for in upcoming posts:

  • The announcement of local Segue Game Nights for you to learn how to play the game and how to apply it to your own projects.
  • We will offer Segue Maestro Training for you to learn this powerful tool for co-creating the future of our organization.  The Segue Maestro program includes, online and in person, everything you need to know about questions, playing and conducting a Segue, videos, articles, teleclasses and workshops.
  • You will be connected with other Maestros who are co-developing the new fields of question driven collective imagination, intelligence and wisdom.
  • Finally, we will announce a Meta Game we are putting together, for those of you who like playing a really big game.

First things first:  What is the question?

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