The Extended Bozeman Community Vision Building Segue

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” –Proverbs 29:18

Segue Game Nights teach community members how to play a Segue so they can take it into their families and community organizations to create better communications and run more effective meetings and address bigger issues.  The topic for the training game is the quality of life in our community, the future of which affects us all.
For any project, like the project of creating a more wonderful community, we always begin with a vision of where we are headed.  In a Segue Game, we build the vision one piece at a time, much like a mosaic which is made up of many individual tiles ultimately forms a big picture.  Therefore, the question of the first Segue Game is “What is one thing that would make our community more wonderful for you?”
Below is the summary of responses given during the Segue Game Nights.  We will watch for the patterns of the bigger vision to emerge as more responses are added.
SGN #1, 25 Jan, 2011, SGN #2 Feb. 22, 2011
  • More opportunities for personal connection, including inter-generational interactions, mentoring, continuing education
  • Educational environments that bring out the highest potential of our young people and which meet their true needs
  • Extensive programs for involving young people in the growth and improvement of the community
  • Programs for our young people to learn their purpose in life and develop their personal visions to live from
  • More mental illness/health/options/support
  • Improved public transportation
  • Evening courses on the environment and sustainable practices
  • Neighborhood community centers with lots of activities to draw people in
    • More public art and culture year round, space “canvas,” performance center, facilities for dancing.
    • Spontaneous music
    • Lots of art display space
    • Art classes with recycled stuff
    • Opportunities for singles to meet
    • Networking
    • Babysitting
    • More spaces for year-round gatherings which are warm and within walking distance for everyone
    • Develop programs and a reputation for our community to be known as a community of purpose and vision
    • Cultural diversity
      • Honoring the presence of Native American Indians in our community
    • Environmental/ecological living
      • Recycling–curbside, recycle everything
      • More bike trails
      • Closer connection with local food producers
      • Collaborative ownership of resources like lawn mowers and snow blowers

    Please subscribe and add to the vision in the comments space below.

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