Segue Maestro Support

Welcome to all who want to become proficient at playing a non-competitive game of collective intelligence and strategy.

Like any game worth playing, it engages your imagination gets better as you develop skill and facility.  Plus, you can learn how to play it in many different settings, abbreviate it and play online.  This training is free to families and community organizations. This section is where you will find training videos and Q & A from Segue Maestros in the field.  We intend this to be a collaborative learning experience.

What are the rules and how is it played?

The set up and rules are about as simple as volleyball and about as easy to learn.  You will need to download the Segue Maestro Workbook (which provides an overview and explanation of the basic game structure and how to play) and the Segue one page summary (which you will need to pass around your circle).  When you print or distribute these free materials, we request that you include our ©Segue Games 2011 and the url.

Who can play?

Anyone with something important to accomplish.
Post below the situation and the questions your group is tossing around and add to everyone’s learning.

Play ball!

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