About us

Our Guiding Philosophy
We believe that every organization has the innate ability to perform at a higher, more coherent level.  We offer a social technology which brings coherence to the way people think and work together.
We believe that when people contribute to a purpose greater than themselves and are appreciated, there is no limit to what they can accomplish. People are innately interconnected and operate more effectively when given an authentic opportunity to cooperate.
Segue Games has been inspired by, among others, the work of Buckminster Fuller and his World Game project and is dedicated to a world that works for all.
Robert Bystrom, co-creator of Segue Games, is the former CEO of Springer Exercise Equipment in San Francisco, and founding co-director of Collective Intelligence Solutions. With Hamilton Hayes, he co-authored The Theory of Question-Driven Collective Intelligence, the theoretical and practical basis of Collective Intelligence Solutions’ breakthrough interactive technologies.  In situations requiring clear thinking and people collaborating, he has helped government agencies and small businesses as well as some of Scandinavia’s largest corporations, including Ericsson Telecommunications and Tetrapak transform their ability to work coherently. Robert has developed and taught personal communicating skills and authored Communicating for Life–A guide to authentic relating. In 1997, he produced the Women’s Global Voice, a grassroots vision-building event involving approximately one million people in 126 countries.
Ayesha Ashley, MS (Chemistry, Hunter College) and MA (Linguistics,Yale), has had a scintillating career in education, mostly at the college level, both in the USA and abroad. As CEO of Training Horizons, Inc. for eleven years, she created and delivered trainings in management development, teambuilding, personality typology and business English for many large corporations.  Ayesha is certified in NeuroLinguistic Programming and Human Design and has helped many people sort out truth from fiction. In addition to all that, Ayesha is a performing singer, actress and musician, and active in improvisational theater.

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