What People Say

“The most obvious result that I noticed [from our first meeting] was the individual and group focus that resulted.  Rather than ending with a fragmented feeling, it seemed to me that we were all heading in the same direction.  That’s huge!”

~Gay Hovey, Get Fit Now Montana

The Segue in Corporate and Business Performance
“Over the years, I have been through enough corporate training to recognize “frou-frou” training models that cost a ton, load up staff with big binders that collect dust, and everyone sighs in relief when the trainer is out the door! Collective Intelligence Solutions [the predecessor of Segue Games] is not one of those. We thought we were good before (and we were). Now we are even better!! CIS specializes in individual and workgroup skill development that uses very practical and efficient personal and team concepts. Here are our results:
  • Staff has become fully engaged and committed to the success of the business.
  • We identify and solve problems faster and better, giving us, including me, more time to devote to creating the future FVI.
  • Personal initiative and accountability are way up along with trust, value awareness and a sense of community.
  • Our internal experience has become more fun, and our guests notice.
As in many work environments,  we are bonded knowing the success of each of us, strengthens our special place in the industry. So I share this success we have had with  Robert Bystrom, developer of Segue Games, and Ham Hayes, the two co-founders of Collective Intelligence Solutions.  If you feel the performance of your organization can operate at a higher level or is in need of some transformation, I highly recommend them.”
Connie Shannon
Owner, Fairhaven Village Inn
Bellingham, WA
The Segue in Community Problem Solving
“My wife and brother-in-law own property recently incorporated into the City of Arlington.
“We began the process leading up to this event several years ago, when the property was not in the city, nor even in its Urban Growth Area. We contacted about a dozen landowners around us in an attempt to work together to get all of these contiguous properties into Arlington’s Urban Growth Area, and eventually into the City of Arlington. Our first several meetings were characterized by an unsettling degree of secrecy and distrust on the part of several of the landowners.
“Collective Intelligence Solutions, headed by Robert Bystrom, offered to help us achieve a cooperative spirit in our group. In only one meeting, using the exercises directed by Robert and his staff, we were able to “break the ice” with all of the group members. Each member finally felt free to state clearly what he hoped to achieve with his property. The atmosphere was such that all members agreed to honor each landowner’s needs and desires throughout the process. It was the change we needed to break the trust barrier that we were faced with.
“We are very pleased with the results of this ‘workshop.’ The group was sufficiently cohesive thereafter not only to get all of our properties into the Urban Growth Area, but also to negotiate a good price for the properties with a developer.”
Ted Thorsen
Mt. Vernon, WA
The Segue in International Conferences and Projects
“First, I want to draw your attention to Collective Intelligence Solutions (www.collectiveintelligencesolutions.com), which has developed and teaches the technique of “the Segue,” a question-driven method of dialogue. This technique is one of the most powerful tools I know for accessing collective intelligence and aligning group process with collective intelligence. I used this technique repeatedly in organizing the 2005 International Conference on Unity and Diversity in Religion and Culture for the UNESCO Chair and nine universities in the Pacific Northwest region.”
Skye Burn
Executive Director
The Flow Project
The Segue in Community Dialog
“In sessions discussing complex issues such as engaging public support for port policy and finding new directions for specific non-profits; I have seen the Segue techniques focus the energies and creativity of the teams I participated in.  Solutions presented themselves that had not been apparent and I found the techniques to be surprisingly effective in providing us with positive ideas and directions.”
Terry Holland
Technical Manager
Whatcom County
Bellingham, WA
The Segue in Small Business
“The Segue is a very simple way to give everyone the space and time to contribute to the success of the practice.  My employees feel valued and empowered to do their best.  The results of  using the Segue in our staff meetings are heightened staff morale and accountability, increased efficiency and productivity.  It reinforces the importance of our teamwork.”
Maria Tugbang, DDS
Langley, BC
“I’ve been a dental assistant for 17 years. I’ve been to any number of trainings and it takes something special to get me excited. This experience has been fantastic.”
Cindy Engman, CDA
Langley, BC
The Segue in Business Management
“I have worked with Robert Bystrom, founder of Collective Intelligence Solutions and the developer of Segue Games, for the last two years….The groundwork and criteria that he has helped me develop for making decisions and creating pathways, is nothing short of spectacular.  Anyone who is serious about truly establishing their vision of action and purpose in this world absolutely cannot afford not to be a student of this work.”
Robert Cinque,
Founder, Organic Shelter
Marblemount, WA

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